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In Focus: current industrial purchasing orders

CNC Drilling Mashine - Voortmann

Rotator - Stirelli

Mobil-Krane, Terex Demag AC-300/6

In Focus: current consultancy agreements

Mayer Consultig GmbH


Techno Compex GmbH


In Focus: last closed projects

Macedonian Government, Services
Leadership Advisory, Dr. Theo Waigel

Ekolik - Macedonia
Wood fabrication

Modena - Macedonia
Textile fabrication

Project "See-view"

Apartments with see view in Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Project "Passenger Boat with Restaurant"

Location: Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

DEUMAK is an international trading and consulting company connecting business partners from the European Union, South-East Europe and Latin America.

Recognized partner
We cooperate with middle and large enterprises from both regions.

New opportunities
We help our clients to expand into new markets, offering strategic and operational support.

Local knowledge and experience
For our operations and activities we have established teams with excellent and experience experts in both regions.

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